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Important Regulations

Main Street Square: Summary of Most Important Regulations

Please note, this summary is intended to explain elements of the Bylaws which are most frequently in question. These are not the Bylaws being quoted here, it’s the gist of what the Bylaws has to say about a particular element. It is strongly encouraged every Co-owner reads the Bylaws, which can be found at Refer to the Bylaws for the exact wording. Please also remember, the Board of Directors (BOD) is bound by the Bylaws and must enforce them as they are written.

Pets (Bylaw Articel VII Section 5): 

Pets must be registered with the management company, Association Management, Inc. (AMI). A “Pet Registration” form is available at Maintaining a community with 124 condominium units requires everyone to be respectful of their neighbors, as such, the Association must strictly enforce the Bylaws if pet related violations occur to ensure a peaceful environment for all those living in Main Street Square (MSS).
Please note the following:

  • There may be one pet per unit, unless the resident is granted permission in writing from the BOD allowing for an additional pet. Please use separate “Pet Registration” forms for each pet.
  • Collection and disposal of all fecal matter is the pet owner’s responsibility. Please clean up after your pet every time.
  • Pets must be leashed at all times while on the Common Elements and at all times accompanied by a responsible person.
  • Pets may not be staked, tied or tethered on the Common Elements.
  • Pets may not be tethered in the front or rear of the property, including balconies.
  • “No dog which barks and can be heard on any frequent or continuing basis shall be kept in any Unit or on the Common Elements”. Enforcement will be at the discretion of the BOD and/or AMI.
  • The repair cost for any damage caused by a pet to the lawns, landscape or other elements will be assessed to the pet owner.
  • Co-owners may report pet owners who have failed to comply with the above rules by notifying CasaBella in writing via e-mail (EMAIL) or mail (47200 Van Dyke Ave, Shelby Township, MI 48327). If you see a violation occurring, please snap a photo to document it, if possible.
  • Under no circumstances should you ever confront a neighbor directly about a perceived violation of the Bylaws, it is not your responsibility to police such violations. Please contact AMI in writing to report such violations.

Alterations/Modifications (Bylaws Article VII, Section 3):

Main Street Square goes to incredible lengths to keep our community looking at its best at all times, as such, absolutely no alternations in exterior appearance or structural modifications of any kind are permitted without the written approval of the BOD. This includes, but is not limited to: satellite dish installation, entry and storm doors, skylights and window replacement, etc.

The “Alterations/Modifications” form can be found at

Carpeting in Terrace Home Units (Bylaws VII, Section 10):

To minimize the sound transfer to units located below upper level units, all upstairs units along Washington, Kenilworth, Main & Allenhurst must have carpeting installed on the lower level of the unit, except in the kitchen and bathroom areas. While the Bylaws do state that a Co-owner may ask the BOD for an exception to allow for the installation of a wood or tile floor, it is extremely unlikely the BOD would ever approve such a request.
If you currently live in one of the upper units and you do have a wood or tile first floor, the BOD will be obligated to respond to any noise complaints from your lower unit neighbor. In addition, you will

be required to install carpeting over the wood or tile at the point of selling your unit so the new co- owner is not purchasing a property which is in violation of the Bylaws.

Balconies (Bylaws Article VII, Section 6):

In keeping the neighborhood looking its best at all time, we do have rules about what you can and cannot put out on your balcony. Your balcony must be maintained to look presentable. As such, only furniture and equipment consistent with the normal and reasonable use of such areas shall be permitted to remain there during seasons when such areas are reasonably in use. No furniture or equipment of any kind shall be stored thereon during seasons when such areas are not reasonably in use.

Additionally, you may not affix anything to your balcony or railings without prior approval in writing from the BOD, which must be sought using the “Alterations/Modifications Request” form available at

Vehicles (Bylaws Article VII, Section 8):

The parking of commercial vehicles on the Common Elements is prohibited (park on the street or in the unit garage). No parking in Fire Lanes, in front of fire hydrants or entranceways is permitted. Offending vehicles are subject to ticketing and towing at the owners expense. Co-owners may anonymously report parking violations to the Royal Oak Police Department directly at (248) 246-3500.

Lease Agreements (Bylaws Article VII, Section 2):

All lease agreements must be recorded with AMI using the “Lease Registration” form which can be found at

Lessee(s) acknowledge that:

  • He/she has received and agrees to comply with the Main Street Square of Royal Oak Condominiums Master Deed, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations (“the Condominium Documents”).
  • Failure to comply with the condominium Documents constitutes a default under the lease.
  • The Main Street Square of Royal Oak Condominiums Association has the legal right to terminate the Lease or to institute an action to evict the Tenant and/or for money damages after 15 days prior written notice to landlord in the event of a default by the Tenant in the performance of the Lease.

Garage Doors (Bylaws Article VII, Section 6):

“Garage doors shall be kept closed at all times except as may be reasonably necessary to gain access to or from any garage.” The Association has this regulation primarily to thwart potential thievery of items in your garage or intrusion into your unit through your garage. Garages which are left opened and egregiously unattended, whether intentionally or unintentionally, will be in violation.

Violations/Fines (Bylaws Article XX, Section 1(d)):

Fine will be applied to all violations. Fines to be adopted by the BOD are as follows: First Violation: No fine shall be levied; Second Violation: Sent 14 days after which the first letter of violation has occurred and the matter is unresolved, a $50 fine shall be levied; Third Violation: sent 14 days after which the second letter of violation has occurred and the matter is unresolved, a $100 fine shall be levied; Fourth Violation and Subsequent Violations: a $150 fine shall be levied.

Rubbish Removal 

Garbage & Recycling pick-up is every Wednesday, unless there is a Holiday, in which case pick-up would commence one day late. Garbage should be placed outside no earlier than 6:30 p.m. Tuesday (or Wednesday for Holiday pick-up), and all trash and recycling containers must be brought in no later than 10:00 p.m. the day of pick up. Due to the fact that mice, critters, etc. can accumulate, any violation of this will immediately warrant a fine: first offense-$50; second offense-$100; third and subsequent offenses-$150.

The BOD would greatly appreciate if you utilized both a garbage can and a recycling bin, preferably with the lids for both containers.

Snow Removal:

In order to avoid confusion, the snow plow contract stipulates the following for snow removal procedures:

  • The contractor shall commence to clear all snow no later than two hours after 2” accumulation and will continue to work until specified areas are cleared and accumulation has ceased. Sidewalks shall be cleared the entire length and width within four (4) hours after snowfall has ceased.
  • Snow fall shall be cleared in such a way as to avoid blocking parking areas, garages and sidewalks.
  • De-icer: streets will be salted as needed.
  • Intersections, entrances and exits are top priority, and double salted to avoid any possibility of accident. The contractor is required to de-ice all areas in the event of a light accumulation of snow (less than 1-1/2”) on in the event of an ice storm.
  • The snow contractor works diligently to remove the snow and ice as quickly as possible.
  • It is very dangerous to approach contractors while they are working, whether in a plow truck or using a snow-blower. DO NOT approach contractors when working.

For Sale Signs:

Only one “For Sale” sign is allowed and the sign can only be placed inside a window and not on the exterior of the building. Signs may be placed on the lawn or in the landscape on weekends only. “For Sale” signs are not allowed on balconies.

Exterior Decorations:

Holiday decorations are permitted from December 1st each year to no later than January 15th. The BOD reserves the right to demand removal of excessive decorations and the Co-owner is liable for any damages to the common Elements caused by such decorations. Decorations may not be attached to any portions of the building except for doors and not installed in the ground which may damage either the sprinkler system or portions of the landscape.

Barbecue Grills:

Propane barbecue grills and propane tanks are strictly prohibited within Main Street Square condominium Association.

The Royal Oak Ordinance is as follows:

6104.5 Balconies. The use or storage of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders on balconies in Use Group R-2 and Use Group R-3 is prohibited.

Any violation of this rule will be subject to fines through the City of Royal Oak. For both the safety of residents and for insurance purposes, all propane grills and propane tanks are prohibited.